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I am coming myself to meet you.

Radha where are you?

Eventhough you are very new to me and I am unknown to you till now,but from now, we both are one,not two so don't worry and hesitate to share your problems with me,for you Delhi is very new,but for the life long you will have to reside in Delhi only.If you get any trouble or problem,then for you there is nobody inthis world,only I am here,so be happy that don't worry about your life.

Tell me that what are you doing presently?Are you sitting idle in your home by preparing food and cleaning utensils,have you got bored at any time by this type of work,if so please come to me,then I will give the particular timepass to you and give enormous happiness to you and also how do you get used to me,because I am very new to you,before you have never seen me,if suddenly you have to come with me and stay by leaving all of your family members and relatives.You will be in vey frustrating that how will be my behaviour and what will I Say to you and something.

When do I get the hand of the Radha?



Sorry above given Comment is not mine,somebody has given with my name,sorry for the inconvenience.Thanking you!

tum mughse pyar karo

hi punam pankaj ghada he



When do I get the hand of the Radha?

hi,poonam only for you Excellient Mind, Lovely face, Sweet voice, Beautiful eyes, Perfect personality, Happiness attitude, Sorry, Its all about me. What about you Dude ???