I feels very bad to inform you that shiwam play way school highered some teacher who don't know how to treat a child? most of time saw when I go to job they are very shout on the child who is nursary.and uses words like jawab de.saap soongh gya tujhe! what was that?recently I heared one punjabi teacher did very bad behave with my son.before some month one teacher pinched a pencile on student my son deny to go for school I asked reason so then he told me the reason which scaring with teachers.I want to get answer can teacher beat a chil as a teacher in city brautyful? shiwam play way school I dint ever seen the teacher who don't know how treat a child.they are uses child for their family frustration otherwise there are no mean to beat a chill of nursary to 2 nd class..I wan to know if a child say I don't want continue school and left the study at that time teachers can take responsibity to take punishment which face are facing by child's parents?